CW-X นวัตกรรม TAPING


Working principle of Taping ( Review VDO )

Taping “tops” will help support the muscles of the back, shoulders and scapula, enhancing mobility during movement. Helps to maintain balance and prevent injuries.

"Pants" will help support the abdominal muscles. Lateral, anterior, and posterior thigh muscles Including muscles, joints, hips, knees and calves to prevent and help reduce muscle vibration while moving. When the muscles vibrate less, the blood work system will be better.

In addition to applying the taping principle to activewear that brings many benefits to the user, the CW-X also pays attention to the design of taping stripes. To have beautiful, modern patterns and the materials used are flexible. Absorbs sweat and vents sweat well.

that are integrated into the fabric of CW-X products.

  • Helps to relax the muscles that work a lot. and stimulates the muscles that work less
  • enhance flexibility Helps you move quickly
  • reduce muscle fatigue from exercise
  • prevent muscle vibration Helps the muscles to flick less.
  • helps to balance Prevent injury while exercising
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