MACHINE VS BODY WEIGHT แตกต่างกันอย่างไร

What is the difference between MACHINE VS BODY WEIGHT?

Both Machine and Body Weight have different advantages. to choose whether Which one is right for us? depending on factors such as body ability Training time, goals, objectives, workout schedule of the program, as well as the availability of equipment and accessibility.

both formats can be substituted But at some point Each has different advantages.
🏋‍♀ Advantages of Machine: suitable for beginners, helps to hold the body safely, helps to focus on each muscle fully, helps to play muscles at angles that sometimes Free Weight does not reach in order to complete the Range Of Motion training.
🧍 Benefits of Body Weights: Good control over your body, Natural movements, Multitasking muscles, Burns a lot of energy, Can do a variety of poses as needed.

Therefore, whether training with a machine or body weight, you must play to the weight you can handle. focus on muscles and what is important to have knowledge before playing have good technique to prevent injury as well 💙

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