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CW-X Generator Women : IC916G Green (GR)

CW-X Generator Women : IC916G Green (GR)

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CW-X sports pants model GENERATOR is the best model, providing the most support, strengthening the muscles and joints. Prevent injuries, increase muscle endurance. and the effectiveness of exercise to exceed the limits of athletes

Compression pants, 9-pocket pattern

Suitable for long sports Need muscular endurance, long distance running, or high-volume sports
Helps to recover muscles faster while resting (RECOVERY), reducing fatigue after exercise.
Helps tighten and embrace the hip muscles, the back and the lower abdomen. Strengthen stability, balance and function of the knee joints.
Features UPF 50+ protection against UVA UVB rays.

Waist and hips: hug the waist and hips to help support the weight. and increase stability
buttocks: firmly hugs the body make the movement more flexible
Thigh: Helps legs move up and down. comfortable and reduce symptoms of fatigue

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