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CW-X Pro Women Model IC9137 Blue (SX)

CW-X Pro Women Model IC9137 Blue (SX)

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compression pants strengthen muscles Rear thigh (HAMSTRING) reduces the chance of lower thigh injury. And recover muscles faster while resting (RECOVERY) helps reduce lactic acid. reduce fatigue Helps to play sports for a longer time

The CW-X sports pants are a line of conditioning wear products for those who enjoy active sports on a regular basis or professional athletes. Those who have suffered sports injuries Those who need protection from injury while exercising, the CW-X protects you from injury. Adjust the physical condition to be suitable and balanced in 3 sports circles: Warm up, Keep on and Cool down.

Pro Model 6-pocket pattern, thigh stabilization pants. And the pelvis increases the movement in the flexed and twisted position, suitable for sports that require regular up-down movement of the legs, such as tennis, basketball.

Features UPF 50+ protection against UVA UVB rays.

a. Hip-pelvis Reduces chances of making erratic movements.
b. thighs convenient and flexible

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