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CW-X Stabilyx Compression Tight Women, women's compression pants, model IC9165, purple-red (VI)

CW-X Stabilyx Compression Tight Women, women's compression pants, model IC9165, purple-red (VI)

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Compression pants CW-X (STABILYX) to strengthen knees, knee joints, anterior thigh muscles and ligaments with a band to tighten the abdominal muscles. to enhance stability in balance while moving better And helps to recover muscles faster while resting (RECOVERY), reducing fatigue after exercise. Reduces lactic acid Helps to play sports longer

The CW-X is a Conditioning Wear product for those who play sports on a regular basis or professional athletes, who have suffered from sports injuries, who need protection from injury while exercising. X protects you from injury. Adjust the physical condition to be suitable and balanced in 3 sports circles: Warm up, Keep on and Cool down.

CONDITIONING WEB of CW-X, the design and selection of materials that are flexible, special fitting. Cut and sew according to the body muscle mass and joints on the body for the purpose of supporting and tightening those parts This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of moving forward. and prevent injuries in different conditions

Stabilyx Model 6-part pattern (covering the knees) pants to strengthen the stability of the pelvis, thighs, knees, increase stability and balance in every movement.

4-way stretch fabric comprised of 80% Coolmax fabric for excellent breathability. Cool and comfortable, efficient in venting moisture 2 times faster than cotton (Cotton) and 20% Lycra fabric, soft and comfortable fabric, very flexible and recover quickly It helps the muscles to exert less force when the muscles contract.
2-way stretch fabric. Condition Web. Support tab.
Enhance the firmness of the abdomen. It helps tighten the lower abdomen, hips and back to help increase stability in balance.
Condition Web, exclusively licensed by CW-X.
Features UPF 50+ protection against UVA UVB rays.

a. Hips, pelvis Helps balance, balance, more stable.
b. Knees by using Taping principle to help reduce impact.

suitable for
Running, baseball, tennis, football, aerobics and other spontaneous sports. or distort Allows freedom of movement thanks to the fabric that stretches freely.

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